Moreover, some authors may fill pages with information that is not so important. Don't be afraid to skip those pieces or review them quickly, until you get to valuable sections.

6 Smart Tips To Help You Read More Books in 2020

As you’ve heard, leaders read.

Let me share an interesting figure. According to Pew Research, the average person reads 4 books a year (in Turkey, I leave this ratio to your imagination…).

We know that a CEO in the Fortune 500 reads an average of 48 books a year.

You think it’s a coincidence?

We want to read more books. But we can’t find the necessary reading time, energy or willpower. Take a look at the wonderful lines of Daniel Pennac, author of his novel-like book, outlining this situation:

“If reading time is a matter, it means there is no desire to read it, because, in fact, no one ever has time to read it. What about minors, what youngsters nor adults. Life is a constant obstacle to reading.”- Daniel Pennac

I wanted to read more books for years, and I knew I needed “wise manoeuvres in my life” like Kafka to read a lot.

I saw things change when I applied this 6 smart tips to my life. And now I invite you to use them to your advantage so that you can contribute to your personal development.:

  1. Plan Your Reading Time
    If you’re not scheduled, you won’t – at least in a regular way… you can read it occasionally, in rare moments where you feel it’s the exact time, or for half an hour.

However, if you want to read a lot of books, you should schedule and maintain your calendar/daily plan. When you plan your reading times, the event becomes a real date with yourself.

Book-reading Spider-Man
According to the study by the British Journal of Health Psychology, when you do a job you do without programming, the chances of achieving continuity go from 34 per cent to 91 per cent.

  1. Turn Reading Into A Morning Routine
    When you start your day with reading, you move on with the inspiration and productivity you carry for the rest of the day. The key to reading more books is to make it part of your morning routine.

You may not have the time or energy to read books later in the day. Fatigue and distraction make it hard to pick up a book and read it. But you don’t have that problem in the morning.

The woman who reads a book in the morning
Check out your morning routines. After wrapping stories back and forth on Instagram, you can create reading time instead of plunging into the magical Explore menu.

Maybe social media is being buried too much, you’re sleeping on Netflix, or you’re spending too much time on low-benefit activities. You can replace useless activities with 15-30 minutes of reading routines that will change your personal development and life.

  1. Turn Reading Into A Nighttime Routine
    Another way to read more books is to add a 15-to 30-minute reading session to your nightly routine. Say goodbye with your electronic devices 30 to 60 minutes before bed. Use your time to read.

It has been proven that parting your ways with electronic devices before bed improves sleep quality. That’s not the only benefit of separation! When this time is converted to reading time, it will support your personal growth and bring you a sound sleep.

The book in darkness at night
Can you calculate how much you can read in a year by reading for just 15 minutes each night?

15 to 23 books a year?

Is here! That’s the power of routine. When your reading sessions turn into routine, you can manage to read more without ever reading for hours.

  1. Try Audiobooks
    She loves reading novels and popular books but can’t find time to read on your busy schedule? That excuse used to apply to me, too.…

There is always a ’lost time’ in your daily routine. You can see your lost time as separating your cognitive strength into a different place during the day when you’re doing what you need to do.

We can cite things like time spent in traffic, commuting to work, shopping, showering, any waiting moment, walks, sitting on a 4-hour flight and cleaning as examples of lost time.

The boy who listens to audiobooks
You can turn this ‘lost time’ into a productive time by listening to audiobooks on your phone. By listening to audiobooks, you can read an extra 30 minutes a day. That, in turn, equates to about 182 hours of additional reading per year – that is, about 30 books per year per year!.

The great thing about the job is that it doesn’t cost you extra time because you use ‘lost time’ in the air. By listening to audiobooks, you can efficiently use that lost time and accelerate your personal development.

Note: I don’t think audiobooks replace physical books – both methods complement each other incredibly well. I prefer to get a physical copy of more technical and complex books.

  1. Carry A Book With You
    Sir John Templeton, the billionaire investor, was famous for always carrying books wherever he went. I don’t need to say that you’ve attributed a great deal of your success to this habit.

the kid reading the ekitap with the iPhone
Wherever I go, I always carry a book with me. When you have to wait a few minutes, it’s better to use your time to read books than to go around on social media.

Tip: I know it’s not a good idea to walk around all day like a librarian retired civil servant with a book in your hand. That’s why I use my iPhone as an effective reading machine. I keep something absolutely worth reading between my Evernote, my pocket and my Apple Books.

  1. Don’t be afraid to stop reading the book and skip the page
    If you don’t like a book and it doesn’t add up to your life right now, feel free to leave it. When you insist on finishing the same book even though you don’t like it, you will miss the opportunity to read more valuable and enjoyable books.

Moreover, some authors may fill pages with information that is not so important. Don’t be afraid to skip those pieces or review them quickly, until you get to valuable sections.

Read a lot of books
I used to feel guilty when I did these things. However, it doesn’t make any sense. Instead, you should feel guilty for wasting my time reading low-value stuff.…

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