7 Ways To Get Cheap Bus Tickets

Sometimes I’m at odds with philosophers. Like Lao Tzu!

“Oh, Burak, we’re here to read about how to buy cheap bus tickets. What does a philosopher have to do with it?” don’t say anymore!

Sure, call me if you want. But read it first, say it later.

An excerpt from Lao Tzu about travel
I respect Lao Tzu for his age, I am great after all… but in modern life “a good traveler does not have a fixed plan and the goal should not be to arrive.”his philosophy doesn’t work. Especially if you’re going to take a bus ride.

To date, no traveller has been seen who is happy to give £ 180 to a £ 100 ticket. Probably will not be seen.

Each traveler must plan and schedule his / her trip prior to his / her trip. Sometimes even if the goal is not to arrive, it must be realized that it has to be reached.

For example, I have a checklist for a great bus ride. You know, one of those sneaky checklists that nobody scribbles but keeps in mind.…

Rude, how many.
Pick the side of the window.
When you put your head against the bus window, take your sweater so it doesn’t pop.
Gather information on the routes to be given Nescafe and cupcake before travelling.
Get the cheapest bus ticket you can from a nice firm.
How To Buy Cheap Bus Tickets
If you’re obsessed with Lao Tzu, or even more obsessed with the question of how to get cheap bus tickets before you travel, don’t worry. Based on years of experience and experience, I have great secrets for getting the most affordable bus ticket, and I will share them all with you in this article.

Bus ride
Is here! 7 steps that allow me to get the cheapest bus ticket without tabbing, squinting and all at once:

  1. What You Need To Know About Competition Law
    First I would like to share with you a gold-worth tip about the legality of the concept of “cheap bus ticket ” and in this section;

Why can’t bus tickets be bought at incredibly cheap rates like airfares?
What’s the maximum profit we can make?
If this law exists, then why are we trying to buy cheap bus tickets?
I want to answer your questions.

Never yourself, bus ticket prices compared to plane tickets, ” Brother, what is the cost of these men are selling tickets at these prices?” did you find him alone with his sermon?

Maybe go a little further, this problem, such as the bus station beaten yiyileybil even in areas you may have voiced. It’s actually because of the competition law.

Many industries have rules that everyone has to follow when setting prices. Companies according to the head “my bus, my company, I want to sell my brother price,” logic can not move.

So, what’s our maximum profit?

The answer to this question depends on thousands of variables, and together you can predict a maximum of 25 to 30%.

The 3 I just mentioned above. and that’s where the answer is. To gain a reduced travel advantage of 25% and up to 30%, you must evaluate the tips I will share with you.

While evaluating it, knowing that the discount rates above this are unreal will prevent you from being deceived / cheated and engaging in unnecessary delusions.

  1. Off-Season Travel Is Always Cheap
    Bus companies keep their prices affordable when the season is off. When the season opens, it raises prices. In general, I’ve experienced hundreds of times that bus ticket prices are cheaper in winter.

However, if you are going to travel to a place famous for winter sports, this generalization may not apply. The holiday season is also the most profitable period of the year for bus companies.

It is unlikely that the bus tickets you will get during the holiday holidays and the connecting queue holidays will be cheap.

  1. Know Your Route, Hold The Advantage
    I was traveling 40% off my other friends every time I was a college student. “Well, didn’t you say 25% to 30% at the most?” I hear you ask. Then keep reading!

The most important advantage when buying a bus ticket is to know your route and find out if your journey can be divided into two. For example: my friends would come directly from Istanbul to Tekirdağ every time.

I used to use the public bus to Silivri first, and I used to go to Tekirdağ with the bus ticket I bought in Silivri at a discount. Yeah, I’d split my route in half, but considering my house is far from the bus station and in the opposite direction, I’d save a lot of time and money on tickets.

I applied a similar one for years on the Istanbul – Balıkesir route. I bought tickets to a more affordable X place on the route and travelled from there with a 40% discount on the ticket I got from another bus company.

Providing this operation may seem very troublesome at first. Over time you will master it and discover it is not as troublesome as it seems. Both bi’ wait. You haven’t even seen the other methods yet.…

  1. Mastery Of Choosing The Right Company
    Some passenger transport firms promise you luxury travel. And some of them just want to get you from point A to point B. If you ignore the difference in quality (this difference is not high enough to exaggerate), you can get your bus ticket at a more affordable price.

Getting cheap bus tickets
Avoid luxury transport vehicles if it’s not a priority for you. Don’t always make the mistake of choosing big firms. Do your research well. Keep in mind that you can travel on the same route with a tourism company you never knew about at more affordable prices and conditions.

  1. Make Sure The Internet Is Your First Stop!
    Endless box office queues at the bus station, Zeki Müren unnecessary ” Ankara departs! He’s taking off! Where Are you going, abijim? Tekirdağ? “I’ll pass, I’ll pass,” the screaming men tug at you, and for dozens of reasons, the bus stops make me nervous.

I left this tension behind with the internet many years ago. Now, regardless of bus or plane tickets, my first stop is the internet.

I prefer Biletall because it has a large number of bus companies, constant phone support, and they don’t treat you like a foreclosed man when you want to cancel your ticket. You can compare the cheapest bus ticket at the link HERE:

There are many addresses on the internet where you can also buy bus tickets outside Biletall. I love the fact that Biletall defended me like a bouncer to the Conqueror when I bought and cancelled tickets without problems for years and had problems with the bus company. Otherwise:

Sites and mobile apps are handy.
Many companies can question the bus ticket, you can see all the details down to the bus specifications.
If your plan is not certain, you can reserve it instead of buying it.
When you have problems with bus companies, you are greeted by friendly customer service.
You can easily cancel your tickets, change the date or get a refund.
If you are curious about the difference between the price of a bus and a plane ticket, you can even question a plane ticket or even a ferry ticket. See also
Apart from the advantages here, you can also eat the bread of Method number 6, which I will talk about right below, thanks to BiletAll.

  1. The campaigns are for you. Take Advantage Of Them!
    Bus companies and ticket sales sites always have two-way campaigns. Thanks to these campaigns, you can get your cheap bus ticket right away with a price advantage of up to 20%.

So, what’s a two-way campaign?

He also tell me:

Company A is campaigning under a contract with Company B. So you and Company A and B are profitable.

I once bought a plane ticket to Izmir from the service I suggested above. I rented a car at a very reasonable price + effortlessly using their campaign with a car rental company.

“Where am I going to rent a car?” not only did I not fall into the stress, I also profited from the car rental ball.

  1. Show Your Loyalty To Travel Firms
    Students know this method and use it every time. Whether you travel frequently or not, get a card from travel companies. Get the habit of accumulating points on the websites you use.

At first you’d think it would take a long time to collect those points. Next thing you know, the round-trip ticket for your vacation is free. Or, who knows, you can draw yourself a new holiday route with just these points.

Before You Go
You may rank above me for travelling by bus and getting cheap bus tickets.That’s exactly why we have the comment area below!

By adding your own method to this list, you can extend your helping hand with your experiences to thousands of visitors looking for how to buy bus tickets cheaply.

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2 Comments ” 7 Methods That Will Allow You To Buy Cheap Bus Tickets”

FEB 23, 2020 / 11: 18 PM
I don’t know if there are people who want to get on the bus and travel for hours and get their heads together, but if you can travel, plane travel is always clearer.

However, in support of the title, as a bus worker, if you are going to use the selection preference to physically buy tickets, you may want a bargain discount if you go to smaller ones rather than the main company points.

If you are a traveler and you are going to travel through big cities, if you wait at the exit door of the bus stations at the next point where the buses pay money and you point the buses in the direction you are going, if the bus is empty and you say a price below the existing price, they think it would be better to fill it

If you want to spend a little bit better on the bus, you will not have to hesitate in situations where you will be friendly and helpful at first sight to the bus worker and then ask for something different. Even if you ask for something extra, you’ll be stuck in your mind, in which case, he’ll be happy to help.

I hope that in the following years, airplane travel will become less costly and permanent, eliminating bus travel.

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