If you do not want to automatically renew domain names or other services on GoDaddy, you can cancel automatic renewal by following a few simple steps:

Get Rid Of GoDaddy’s “Auto-Refresh” Booby Trap In 30 Seconds!

Do you think automatic renewal is a feature that shoulders the burden on your back?

I don’t think so…

In services like GoDaddy, where I accidentally activate auto-refresh or when magic powers activate themselves, I cancel at the speed of light.

Why? There are many reasons. I’ll share the flour in the continuation of the article with the pros and cons, but first, let’s see how to turn off auto-renew in GoDaddy in less than 30 seconds:

How To Turn Off The GoDaddy Auto Refresh Feature
If you do not want to automatically renew domain names or other services on GoDaddy, you can cancel automatic renewal by following a few simple steps:

After logging into your GoDaddy account, click on the icon in the upper right corner and select “Account Settings”.

Enter the “renewals and Billing” section from the screen you reached.

From this menu, you can see which services expire when and cancel automatic renewal of services.

If you want to turn off automatic refresh on all your services, click on “select all”on the right side and then click on “Cancel refresh”.

Finally, click on the “Cancel refresh” button from the emotional exploitation screen that greets you.
Godaddy auto refresh for all your services has now been canceled. That is, you should keep track of the duration of your services yourself and renew your service/product before it expires.

Does GoDaddy return products purchased by Automatic Renewal?
“GoDaddy made an automatic withdrawal!”I see riots like Google and complain on many sites. Yes, the money may have been withdrawn by automatic renewal, but don’t worry; there is also the right to refund for accidental bullet renewals!

Like hundreds of companies, GoDaddy provides ease of return on accidental new purchases and renewals. Moreover, contrary to what most of us think, domain names can also be refunded.

For more information about this, see the GoDaddy terms of return Page and find out what your right to return is in your case. You can also access the return procedure and the steps you need to follow from this page.

Why should you use or not use automatic renewal?
Unlike me and probably you, hundreds of companies like Google, Apple and GoDaddy believe that automatic renewal gives users ease of use.

Advantages of automatic renewal
There’s no need to remember when to renovate.
There’s no need to miss the renewal period of your subscription because you don’t have time.
Most importantly, you do not need to spare time for this renewal by exhausting yourself.
These are the benefits that auto-renewing offers us. There are also disadvantages we will meet when our current subscription, product or service is unintentionally renewed:

Disadvantages of automatic renewal
Applications to be made to the company to receive a refund; not every company should make a refund immediately.
The forms to be filled out are equipped with questions of grave chastisement for return and the x Work Day changers that we must wait for.
“Has our money arrived, will it come, when will it come?”the burden of tracking your situation.
If there is not enough balance in the account, even though you love to use automatic renewal automatically becomes a case of bad luck.

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