Think about how you want to share tips on shoe care and shoe selection from this website. Now, by blogging to a section of your website, you can add a plus to your customers and win new customers thanks to what you share!

What Is A Blog? Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Everyone has a story or an idea worth telling. Some people tell their wives, friends, people in their neighborhood. Some people choose different ways to tell, like a blog… So, what is this blog?

What Is A Blog?
Blog: an Internet Journal in which content is presented in chronological order, back to back, and content is published in a story, subject, or idea. Some blogs are about a specific topic, such as finance, sports, hobbies or technology. Others are personal diaries or diaries that convey experiences and thoughts from the author’s everyday life.

what is a blog
You can make blogs look like fake-locked, smelly notebooks we used to keep when we were little. Of course, there are some differences.

For example, blogs don’t smell and we don’t keep them tight so no one can see them with a crappy lock. Rather, we make it completely clear that our ideas and stories we write reach out to everyone. Moreover, since 1997…

The term “weblog” was first used by Jorn Barger in 1997, according to many sources. In 1999, it was stripped of the word” web “meaning” Network“and became a new acronym and started to be used as” Blog”.

By this time, people who were keen to share stories and ideas with the world and who owned computers and the internet had already started blogging.

Moreover, although blogging was never popular at the time…

Blogs, by the early 2000s, had not yet managed to capture fame across the globe. With the leap, which began in 2004, people said, ” What is the blog?”start asking themselves the question.

Graphic showing blog popularity worldwide
It didn’t take long for the popularity of blogs to extend from the world to our country. In 2008-2009, blogs became very popular and familiar media in our country. We started to win our first blog celebrities in this time frame.

Graphic showing blog popularity for Turkey
Really; Why Blog? What do you use blogs for?
“Blogging or not blogging, that’s the whole point “”

Good, good, okay. Now that we know what the blog is, what are these blogs used for?

People coming together to Blog
Blogs are used today for many reasons, but the pulp is the same: to tell a story or an idea. Yet in short “ ” why do human blogs?” we can list the following short cuts to his question::

Why am I writing?
I’m not psychic, and I’m not pretentious with coffee fortunes. But I can read the question on your mind right now.

“Why should I write a blog and not a book?”you must be thinking through the question.

I would like you to get the answer to this question from my dear friend Bünyamin Kapıcıoğlu. And then you’ll discover another blog post:What are the features of blogs? They also have a website, isn’t it?

For someone who has found a new answer to what is a Blog, you will have many questions in mind. One of the differences between blogs and websites.

The main difference between a blog and a website is that blogs only form part of the website. You may be confused by my description. Come on, let’s explain more.

Imagine you own a shoe company. The most important reason you want to open a website is to provide information about your products and your company to your customers or even to sell. You use certain parts of your website for this job and you don’t need to update them all the time. For example, editing the introductory vision and mission writings that promote your company every day would be something like Christopher Columbus discovering America every new day.

Think about how you want to share tips on shoe care and shoe selection from this website. Now, by blogging to a section of your website, you can add a plus to your customers and win new customers thanks to what you share!

So long story short: websites rarely need to be updated, while blogs need to be constantly updated with new content. Many blog owners log new content on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Some blogs even update themselves by entering dozens of new content within hours.

Why all this work?

Sometimes the goal is just to tell an idea and a story. But your story manages to go beyond that, far beyond that. So that, next thing you know, your idea and your story has turned into a hen laying golden eggs for you.

How to make money with blog?
Blogs also don’t always turn out to make money if how every story and idea doesn’t turn out to make money. Yes,some of them are driven by income anxiety. Some also manage to win as soon as they manage to move beyond their story in time.

Constantly updated Business Blogs or personal blogs can convert their target audience to earnings through a variety of income models. This can happen in the form of selling a product/service through a partnership or running ads that may be of interest to the followers of a blog.

Finally, selling a blog itself can turn into profit. Blogs that are opened in a specific area and produce content on the same topics can become money printing machines when they reach a high number of visitors. You can appreciate that such a resource manages to attract the attention of every investor.

Investors buy new blogs sometimes to make them better and sometimes to close them. It is an important move, especially in the internet sector, to prevent a company from stealing self-share by buying a competitor.

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